To say I haven’t traveled much internationally is an understatement. That’s part of the reason why this blog is focused more on food than it is travel.  My international travel has only consisted of crossing the US borders to Canada and Mexico. I have a great appreciation for both of our neighbors north and south …

This week we’re cooking again made what seems to be our quota of 3 dishes each. I keep saying to myself every week, “I’m not going to cook”, but the cold weather makes me want comfort food all the time. So here we are. One of my favorite things about cooking is trying cook cuisines …

There’s a place located south of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, about 40 minutes away from the Idaho border known as Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Most people are familiar with the legendary largest ski resort in Canada also known as Whistler Blackcomb but have you heard of the 2nd largest? Sun Peaks Resort

First off, I just want to say what an amazing FREE event this is for everyone in the car and local community. If you love cars as much as I do, then you have to make it a point to wake up early on one sunny Saturday morning during the summer to look at some beautiful machines. I made it to almost every weekend to grab a coffee, walked around and admired the scenery. There’s no better way to start a Saturday in my opinion.

The drive from my home in Kirkland takes about 1 ½ hours to the Mt Pilchuk trailhead. It is a scenic drive through Lake Stevens and Granite falls.

Since moving to Washington State as a child, there is one landmark that stands out above all others and that is Mt. Rainier. It is an icon on our license plates and can be seen from almost anywhere in western Washington on a clear day. Rainier is the highest prominence in the lower 48 states which means the height of a mountain or hill’s summit by the vertical distance between it and the lowest contour line encircling it.

Like anything, when you first try SUP it can be intimidating. If you are comfortable around water or have spent any time in kayaks, canoes or just about any floating device then you should find SUP very approachable.

5 Easy Steps for Beginning Meditation A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation: 10 Days to Change Your Life Forever Sitting Position- Start by making sure you are in a chair or sitting on a cushion on the floor. It is important that you keep your back straight so your breathing is easy. I recommend sitting in …


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